Guide To Compression Garments

Posted by Evan Brown On May - 8 - 2013

Guide To Compression Garments

If you have been continually searching for training aids that can accelerate recovery from training and competition, compression garments can help you in endless ways by improving recovery, increasing power, and enhancing athletic performance in a variety of sports.

One of the biggest advantages associated with these medical compression stockings is that they are adapted to create a controlled, gradient compressive force and this is the reason why these garments are often recommended and used to improve recovery by promoting venous blood flow, decreasing venous stasis, and preventing thrombosis in post-operative patients.

Sportsmen can get a competitive edge through the use of compression garments as they enhance blood circulation to peripheral limbs, improve repetitive jump power, increase vertical jump height, and increase feelings of positive leg sensations both during and following strenuous exercise. Sportsmen and others use these compression stockings for experiencing dramatic improvements in muscular power, strength, endurance, proprioception, and injury management.

According to a study (Berry and McMurray 1987; Chatard, Atlaoui et al. 2004), these garments can promote the removal of blood lactate and therefore leads to improved recovery during periods following strenuous exercise. In other words, compression garments can easily improve the process of recovery, both during and following intense exercise, and therefore have the potential of improving exercise performance. The use of these garments during recovery periods may reduce the symptoms associated with delayed onset muscle soreness (Kraemer, Bush et al. 2001; Chatard, Atlaoui et al. 2004).

In addition to these advantages, compression garments also prove their worth by providing ergogenic benefits for athletes during exercise by enhancing lactate removal, reducing muscle oscillation, and influencing psychological factor in a positive manner. The suggested reasons for these enhancements are attributed to include an improved warm-up through an increase in skin temperature, reduced muscle oscillation upon ground contact, and increased torque generated in the context of the hip joint.

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