The Breast Lift Procedure – What You Need To Know

Posted by Evan Brown On August - 15 - 2013

One of the most essential parts of a woman’s body is the breasts.  Their main function is to nourish and provide food for a baby.  Apart from that, the breasts are also a symbol of beauty and feminism.  Women all over the world understand how it is to properly take care of the breasts.  This may be the reason why there are more cosmetic surgeries introduces that would help keep the breast in shape. Options like breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction as well as the breast lift are becoming popular nowadays.

The Breast Lift Procedure - What You Need To Know

Mastopexy or breast lift is a simple cosmetic procedure done to remove extra fat, skin and tissue in order to lift back the breasts to its original position along the chest wall.  This procedure is a solution to breast ptosis or the significant drooping or sagging of the breasts.  Due to aging, ptosis is a natural occurrence of the breasts.  However, there are still many factors, that can contribute to the reason why sagging occurs.  Some of these reasons include breastfeeding and child birth.

A lot of women from all walks of life are interested in undergoing breast lift procedure in order to further improve the appearance of their breasts.  But there are still some who are not comfortable of the notion of inserting foreign materials on their breasts, if such cases occur; breast lift is the solution over breast augmentation procedures.

When you want to consider having a breast lift, then consider the following guidelines:

During the pre-surgery phase, make sure that you are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to undergo the surgery.  You should receive extensive information regarding the risks involved from your surgeon as well as the expectations you will experience post-surgery.  Your full medical history will be taken by your physician.  Based on this information, he will administer certain tests and diagnostic procedures to gauge if you are ultimately ready to go under the knife.   Your current medications may be adjusted.  In case you are a smoker, your surgeon might advise you to quit smoking for a while.  Another consideration that you must consider before your breast lift procedure takes place is to have a companion to care for you during your recovery phase.

During the breast lift surgery, the surgeon will start by administering an anesthesia.  The operation will be performed inside a sterile operating theatre.  An incision will be made around the areola going down the crease area.  This incision done allows the surgeon to remove excess fat, skin and tissue.  It is also a way to elevate the breasts and consequently reduce the size of the areola.  Once the procedure is done, the incisions are sutured and the breasts will be wrapped tight using a surgical bandage.  Note that in cosmetic surgery, the breast lift procedure is one of the quickest operations performed.

Post-surgery, the patient is required to wear a special bra or a tight surgical bandage immediately after the operation for a number of days depending on the surgeon’s instruction.  Once the bandage is removed, the patient is fitted with a soft support bra that should be worn at all times during the recovery phase.  Pain medications are usually prescribed to ease the discomfort and pain felt.  After two weeks, the patient needs to go back for a follow up check-up for the removal of sutures and for another round of evaluation regarding the healing process.

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