What Is The Difference Between ADD And ADHD?

Posted by Evan Brown On February - 22 - 2013

In general terms, Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is used to describe individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder without the hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. The two terms, ADD and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are often used interchangeably but there lies a difference. While ADHD is with the symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness, AHD is without these two symptoms.

If you want to know the difference between ADD and ADHD, this piece of information will surely help you develop a clear understanding.

ADHD is the official name used by the American Psychiatric Association and the acronym encompasses hyperactive, impulsive, and/or inattentive behaviors. Individuals affected with the predominately inattentive form of ADHD can be sluggish and slow to make responses and process information. ADHD-affected individuals tend to face problems sifting through relevant and irrelevant information and symptoms of the health conditions are less overt when compared to that of individuals with hyperactive and impulsive symptoms.


However, individuals affected with ADD and ADHD may find relief with Prozac dosage. The ideal dosage will depend upon the condition, the severity of the health complication, and recommendations of the medical practitioner. This drug is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant that is available in 10 and 20 milligram capsules and has the ability to boost serotonin levels that are responsible for many functions, including happiness, well-being, relaxation, and sleep.

It is very important to use this drug only for purposes recommended by the practitioner and in strict accordance with the usage directions as abuse of this drug may lead to side effects like nausea, dry mouth, decreased sexual desire, dizziness, and diarrhea. In case any of these side effects is experienced after using Prozac, the use should be stopped immediately and medical intervention must be sought on an immediate basis, without any delay. At no point of time, two or more doses of this drug should be taken at the same time even if the first Prozac dose was missed unknowingly.

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